Our Story

Founded in 2007, Da Vinci Haircare Products started with a professional hair color line that were made in Italy. After three years of research and development in finding a better solution for ingredients that not only protected the hair, but also providing long lasting color, we introduced our organic Wet Line of hair care products.  Shortly after, we launched Punky Colors, a semi-permanent hair color line that uses micro technology infused with argan oil to bring maximum vibrancy without the use of ammonia to eliminate damage to hair follicles.

  • Hair Colors :  The strength of our product is the implementation of Micro Technology that is infused with jojoba base healing and protection system.  By making the color particles smaller, they are able to penetrate the hair more effectively, using relatively less ammonia, which is known to be harmful to our hair and scalp.  Micro Technology also displays accurate and vivid colors, with longevity and shine. What also makes the Da Vinci colors so special is that each color comes with UV protection.

  • Haircare Products :  The main ingredients for our hair care products are natural with organic plants and extracts, which help to restore and transform hair from damaged to healthy and vibrant.

  • Haircare System :  A revolutionary micro technology that is not only natural-lifestyle driven, but environmentally conscious.

Moving forward, our company continues to strive to be a leader in research and development for innovative products that are better for a healthy lifestyle, yet at the same time sensitive to Mother Nature.

Why "Da Vinci?"

       Leonardo Da Vinci was most famed for his works in the arts and sciences.  Throughout his life, his pioneering works and technological advancements were designed to enrich the lives of mankind and were centuries ahead of their time.  Da Vinci Color was formulated and developed in Milan.  In creating our hair color, we have incorporated the standard of quality and concern that Da Vinci strived to achieve with the highest quality of technology available today.  By combining the traditional art of coloring developed in Milan with "Jojoba Oil Ionic" technology, we are sure you will find Da Vinci Color to be the highest quality color on the market today.

       Born in a small town called Anchiano, most of Leonardo's works are currently preserved in Milan. Milan has been widely recognized as the birthplace of art and fashion since the 15th century. Since the Renaissance era, Milan has had an outpouring of groundbreaking scientific and culturally significant achievements. By choosing to develop Da Vinci Color in Milan we have drawn upon the many years of art and science that this city has to offer, to bring you the most technologically advanced and most ecologically friendly hair color produced to date.

      Truly the next generation in hair color. By combining the finest ingredients in our formulation to ensure the health of the hair and scalp without compromising the truly brilliant natural results that Da Vinci color delivers. We know you will love the results and you will not find a more technologically advanced or more ecologically friendly color.