Professional Permanent Color

Da Vinci Color is the gentle and tenacious hair coloring of multiple results. Da Vinci color assures the stability of colors and the protection from the external agents. It makes the color last longer and hair more shiny and soft.

  • Maximum result before and after the service

  • Best maintenance as time goes by

  • Extreme brightness

  • Complete cover of grey hair

  • Intense highlights

  • Ion & Jojoba conditioning Jojoba base

  • Micro Technology last longer and super fade resistant colors

  • No animal testing

What makes the Da Vinci Colors so special?

Da Vinci Color was developed by combining the traditional coloring technology of Milan that has been handed down for generations, with our "Jojoba Oil & Ionic technology" that has taken over half a decade to develop. We created this unique color with the health and well-being of our users in mind. With Da Vinci Color technology, the unique color molecules are divided into finer particles to produce the precise and true tones required for beautifully radiant colors.

With the unique Ionic technology of Da Vinci, the color molecules penetrate and attach themselves deep within the hair shaft, which in turn prevent fading and ensure long lasting vivid color.

Da Vinci Color has six color correctors, to achieve your personalized color results and to ensure perfect color composition every time. The unique Ionic properties of Da Vinci Color provide luster and long lasting color retention. The Ionic technology also produces intense highlights. The abundant Vitamin E in the Jojoba Oil provides a protein-balanced barrier of protection to the hair. With  our Da Vinci technology, 100% grey coverage is never a problem. After the color process is complete, you will find the residual color easy to remove but rest assured your color will remain vivid and true. We designed our container to be easy to use and ensure you never have wasted product. Da Vinci Color contains less than 1% ammonia.